Nctex multi-segment goes hand in hand to win the market

The multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture ensures the security and stability of the system; the high-performance matching engine technology backup of up to 1.4 million orders per second allows high-performance to continue to create value for users. In addition, rich resources and numerous partners also provide continuous liquidity support for the platform, and at the same time carry out in-depth cooperation with many top security agencies in the industry to ensure the security of user assets. Provide multi-currency support including BTC, ETH, DOGE, ADA, etc.; provide transaction services including currency, contracts, options and other transactions, and POS mining pool services, etc. Nctex has been exploring the market and has grown rapidly.

In the value capture of DeFi, Nctex has always been ahead of others. Nctex's DeFi projects include not only Ethereum main chain projects, but also multiple major public chain projects, such as MDX, bags, LHB, filda, can, helmet, cake. Nctex can quickly capture the value of DeFi projects and contribute to inclusive and vigorously building the DeFi ecosystem. It has built a bridge between CeFi and DeFi and has become a value pipeline between different platforms.

In terms of basic theory, technical research, project support and incubation, Nctex has established a blockchain application research institute, focusing on technology research, project review, industry analysis, and application innovation in the blockchain field. At the same time, by building a research platform covering the upper, middle and lower reaches of the blockchain, we will recognize and explore the potential value of experimental blockchain projects, and help excellent projects land quickly.

In terms of open platform construction, the Nctex online special project aims to provide one-stop, modular services such as technology and ecology, and can provide third-party partners with deep sharing of the main site, security risk control, separation of hot and cold wallets, risk fuse, Numerous core supports including fund incubation, etc.

In the aspect of high-quality project discovery, Nctex has also been at the forefront of the industry. Nctex actively discovered some early high-quality blockchain projects, provided all-round support and assistance, and finally presented these high-quality projects to community users. In addition, in order to screen out high-quality projects, Nctex has launched the "Hundred Times Project" to help users select enough high-quality blockchain projects and strive to discover the hundred times currency projects.

Nctex has been insisting on technology research and development investment and self-written code. Over the years since its establishment, it has experienced more than 20 major upgrades and iterations. From the expansion of the server, to the upgrade of the trading system, to the optimization of product functions and user experience, it also allows users to truly feel the persistence of a high-profile and high-pursuit platform with higher security and better user experience.

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